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How to Check your BMI

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Here are the few steps needed to calculate your BMI. The BMI is a quick calculation used to see if you are overweight/underweight.

The way it is calculated is by taking your weight & your height, and then doing a simple calculation with these 2 figures.

Critics of the BMI Method

The downside of BMI is it does not take into account your fat/muscle percentages when looking at your weight and treats them equally, even though studies have shown having a high amount of fat in your body is more harmful.

A simple example would be the BMI for most NBA players would classify them as "overweight", however most of them have a lot of muscle mass relative to their height and the BMI calculation is not a good representation of their health/fitness. The main reason why BMI is used as an index is there are no special tools required to get your BMI number, and almost everyone knows their height & weight. You can calculate your BMI on the next page

Range of Values for BMI

You are usually underweight if your BMI is below 18.5

You are usually overweight if your BMI is 25 - 29.9

You are usually very overweight/obese if your BMI is 30 or above

The range for BMI is 18.5 - 24.9 for healthy weight

Once you calculate your BMI, check out a better method to measure your personal health, which is to calculate your body fat percentage.

What is your body weight in KG?

What is your height in m?


To work out your BMI:

1. Divide your weight in KG by your height ( in metres)
2. Divide this result again by your height

How to calculate your body fat

A better formula to measure your personal health should be your body fat percentage. The most accurate way to measure your body fat percentage is to use a pair of body fat calipers and measure your fat in 4 different areas of your body. Here are the 4 areas of your body where you should measure your fat. You can buy a pair of body fat calipers for less then $3 from Amazon, and it is a worthwhile investment if you are concerned about tracking your health on a regular basis.

Here is a quick and simple method to measuring your body fat accurately with a body fat calipers. Buying a body fat calipers only costs $3 - $5 and it is an accurate way to measure your body fat.

Assume you have alread purchased your body fat calipers, we'll show you the places you should measure from to check your body fat percentage.

1) The front of your thigh.


Use the calipers and pinch 1 inch of skin, use the calipers and apply enough pressure until the arrow on the calipers meets the line.

2) The side of your belly.


This area should be 1 - 1.5 inches directly above your right hip bone. Pinch your belly and apply enough pressure until the arrow on the caliper meets the line as well.


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3) Bicep

The bicep is located on the front of your arm, this muscle is used when you clench your fist.

4) Tricep


The tricep is located on the back of your arm.

Add the 4 values up together once you have taken the measurements and then use the chart to find your body fat percentage.

Please note that having the same measurement for different ages/genders will affect your body fat percentage. For example, if a woman and man both have a measurement of 40mm, the woman would have more body fat due to specific gender differences.



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