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10 Common Symptoms of Pneumonia


Pneumonia is an infection in your lungs that can make you very ill. The infection aggravates air sacs in one or both of your lungs, and fill with fluid or pus.

Pneumonia is a very common condition, with more than 3 million cases diagnosed each year in the United States. However, it can be life-threatening, especially for children and senior citizens. Antibiotics are used to treat various forms of pneumonia. But some types of pneumonia can be prevented from happening at all, thanks to vaccines.

Symptom 1: Cough

Do you have a nasty cough with phlegm or pus? Do you cough up green, yellow, or bloody mucus? The cough may linger after other symptoms of pneumonia are resolved.

Be careful, some forms of pneumonia are contagious. For example, you can spread walking pneumonia through coughing.

Symptom 2: Chest Pain

Is there a sharp pain or ache in your chest when you breathe or cough?

Pneumonia often causes you to have pain in your chest.

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Symptom 3: Fever

Are you suffering from a mild or high fever? A high fever can spike up to 105 degrees F.

Prescribed and over-the-counter medications can help reduce your fever and other symptoms related to the pneumonia.

Symptom 4: Sweating/Clammy Skin

Do you sweat excessively? Especially at night? Is your skin clammy?

Sweating is a sign of a fever that comes with pneumonia.

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Symptom 5: Chills

Do you shake or get chills? Do your teeth chatter because you are so cold? Pneumonia can cause you to have chills.

According to emedicinehealth.com, one patient stated: “I am 35 years old and I have been coughing tremendously with a lot of chest pain. For the past four days I had no sleep what so ever. I started off with a slight fever of about 100 F with severe chills. The fever went away and was followed by a sore throat, chills, and bad body aches. I have since been up every night coughing and gagging. Every time I lay down my throat gets itchy and mucus builds up causing me to cough continuously all night. This has been going on for four to five days now.”

Symptom 6: Difficulty Breathing

Do you have a hard time breathing? Is your breathing fast or shallow? Does pain in your chest get worse when you try to take a deep breath?

Pneumonia is an infection in your lungs. So, of course, you are going to experience respiratory issues.

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Symptom 7: Dehydration

You may become dehydrated due to the pneumonia. Other symptoms of pneumonia, such as fever and not being thirsty, cause dehydration.

If you become overly dehydrated, you may need to receive fluids via an IV.

Symptom 8: Fatigue

Are you extremely tired? Weak? Drowsy? Can’t get out of bed?

Fatigue is common – both because of the pneumonia and the medications you take to manage your symptoms.

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Symptom 9: Loss of Appetite/Thirst

Do you not feel like eating? Or drinking? Pneumonia and the medications you take for it affect taste. You may become less interested in eating, as a result.

Also, a loss of appetite can happen because of changes in your metabolism during the pneumonia.

Symptom 10: Wheezing

Do you wheeze or make a whistling sound when you try to breath in or out? Pneumonia can cause you to make wheezing or grunting noises because you are struggling to breathe.

With pneumonia, wheezing usually goes along with a high fever.

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